Toys and Baby Items

Toys, Books, Games and etc.

All items MUST BE CLEAN! Clean items are more appealing to shoppers. If an item is not cleaned to The Kansas Kids Closet standards, then you will be asked to clean it before returning it to your inventory.

Please secure all small parts belonging with toys into a taped, ziplock bag. Securing these items will insure that small pieces are not lost!

Games and puzzles MUST HAVE all the pieces and should be taped or tied shut.

Theme-oriented items can be grouped together into plastic baggies and taped shut (i.e., baby toys, army toys, Barbies, etc.)

Please visit these two links to ensure the items that you are selling are not recalled. Children's Toys and Other Children's Items.

Items Requiring Batteries

Batteries MUST be in all items that require them. We will check these items during check-in and will return any that are not in working order.

Infant Equipment

Car seats, strollers, high chairs, swings, pack n' plays, cribs, bouncy chairs and any other baby related item must be in good, clean condition. Please safety pin or tape your tag in an area that will be easily seen.

Car Seat Checklist

Consignors selling car seats must print and sign the Car Seat Checklist and bring it to check in.