Help us

 and shop early

Crew Member and Bartering

At the Kansas Kids Closet we are dependent on good crew members! We could NOT run without you! Crew member shifts are available for set up, helping customers, keeping the sales floor organized and tidy, and tear down.

Crew Member Benefits

Signing up for one crew member shift will earn you access to the pre-sale!

If you are also a consignor you will receive your pre-sale passes during check out. If you aren't a consignor please check in with us as you enter the pre-sale.

During Shift

Each crew member should show up at least 10 minutes before their assigned shift. This will allow us to give you any instruction that you may need!

We apologize, but we ask that you please don't bring children with you to your shift.

Sale shift jobs vary each shift but can include such tasks as organizing racks, helping with check out, assisting shoppers and straightening toys.

Set up and Tear down shifts are much different than sale shifts. You will be helping set up all the racks, putting up signs, or tearing everything down and loading the trailer. These shifts require a lot of muscle so invite your friends, have them register and reap the awesome benefits of being a crew member!



If you are unable to work at the sale but still want to help out, this is for you! If you are willing to share your time, talent, and skills, we will give you a crew member pass to come shop early at the pre-sale!


Here are some ways you can help us out:

  • Flyer Distribution

We need single page flyers distributed to schools, day cares, churches, doctor's offices, dance/gymnastic studios, etc. You will need to distribute flyers to a minimum of ten locations. Flyers need to be distributed one to two weeks prior to the sale. Flyers will be provided.

  • Water Bottles

With our many hours at the sale and crew members helping, we are in need of bottled water. Provide two cases of 24 bottles of water to earn your pre-sale pass.

  • Food Gift Cards

Gift cards must be for a restaurant/fast food located in Hutchinson. Please make gift cards worth $10. You may bring the gift card with you to the pre-sale.

  • Media Publicity

If you or someone you know has contacts to provide the Kansas Kids Closet Consignment Sale publicity during the sale (TV, radio, newspaper, or magazine) please sign up and enjoy shopping at the pre-sale!

  • Crew Member Penalty

We understand that sometimes unexpected mishaps will not allow you to work the shift you signed up for. However, if you are scheduled for a crew member shift and do not show you will not be allowed to help out at the next sale.

Signing up

First you will need to create an account. Then, register as a Team Member Only and select the shift(s) you would like to work.

If you already have an account as a consignor, login using your consignor information and select "Team Member" from the bar at the top of the page. Then select the shift(s) you would like to work.

You will only see the Team Member shifts that are still available. If you would like to help during another time not listed, please email us at kansaskidscloset @